Friday, March 29, 2019

22 Super Pranks to pull on this April Fools Day

Start thinking on brilliant plans to pull on your friends in this April Fools day. Dont go for same old jokes, try some new that will make you laugh like hell. It is one time game throughout the year. So it should be the best prank. To make the process easy, following are the list of 22 super pranks to pull in this April fools Day.

22 super pranks to pull on this April Fools Day

22 Super Pranks to pull on this April Fools Day

1. Put a coat of greese on your door knob.

2. Fill Color in Soap Dispenser.

3. Confuse callers by setting message on answering machine: 'Help! Help! Dinasour in my backyard', [Bit moment later] 'April Fools!'

4. Prepare a desert but add salt instead of sugar.

5. Whisper in the phone so that caller might assume you are in danger, then laugh and say April Fools.

6. Hang the family’s clean underwear on the ceiling fan.

7. Put frosting in the toothpaste container.

8. Replace coke with lemon juice and offer to your friend.

9. Jump frequently mean while pointing at random spots and then yell April Fools and Laugh.

10. Paint each rice with black color and spread over the bed.

11. Freeze while speaking with a friend and later on surprise with April Fools.

12. Put a piece of saran wrap underneath the lid of your friend’s shampoo so nothing comes out.

13. Superglue few coins on the road, so that passer by might bend to grab but fail. And then April fools.

14. Buy realistic looking bugs and put it in the cereal box.

15. Set several alarm clocks early and at different times. Then, hide them in your friend’s room.

16. Put a drop of food coloring inside the bristles of each friend’s toothbrushes.

17. Short-sheet a bed by tucking in both ends of the top sheet at the head of the bed. When the fool crawls in, their feet will stop short.

18. Stuff tissue in the toe of someone’s shoe.

19. Turn pictures, furniture, & everything that you can upside down.

20. Serve an ice cream sundae bar for breakfast.

21. Rearrange your spouse’s drawers to make him wonder if he’s still asleep.

22. Serve meatloaf topped with colored mashed potatoes as “cupcakes”.