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How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate program

Today, there are lots of opportunities to make money online. One of them is Amazon Affiliate Program. Amazon is providing great opportunity to make money online through its affiliate program. With right strategy people are making more than 6 digit handsome income each month.

So lets understand what exactly is Amazon Affiliate program?
Amazon Affiliate Program 2019
Amazon Affiliate Program 2019

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon is vast company. It has operation in so many countries. But meant time, it encounters tremendous competitions. It becomes hard for the company to reach out its products to maximum number of users or customers. So such company (Amazon) offers commission on selling their products.

Such program of Amazon is called Amazon Affiliate Program.

The entire process is purely online. So one who manages to sell offline amazon products, they are not eligible for this affiliate program. The mode of operation is strictly online. Since 2019 onwards, affiliate links generated through Amazon Affiliate Program are only eligible for a commission.

So all we have to do is share amazon affiliate links at various platforms such as blog, website, facebook, email, youtube etc. If any one clicks on the link, then they are redirected to amazon website and if purchases anything then a certain commission is rewarded.

Who can Participate in Amazon Affiliate Program?

There is no restriction. Any one can participate and sell amazon's product. Those who have blog or youtube channel or website where heavy traffic is there then such people could make handsome money from this amazon affiliate program.

How much one can earn from Amazon Affiliate Program?

The sky is limit. Amazon has not restricted yet upon sales. One can go for selling any amount of products he or she can. The commission is calculated on the sales basis. There are certain products upon which there is no commission.

Why Amazon Affiliate Program is one of the best Program?

Because, amazon affiliate program is completely transparent. Frequent data updates. So one can easily know, how many products sold, what are those products, how commission is calculated and sanctioned to reward. And the commission rate is good. On the other hand, Amazon Customers are huge in numbers. So selling process also become easy.

What is amazon Associate Central?

The affiliate program handled by Amazon is known as Amazon Associate Central. At amazon Associate central, we can create affiliate links and earn referral fees. Here we can also see how much revenue we have earned.

How to become an Amazon Seller?

To become amazon seller, we have sign in into Amazon Associate central. It is absolutely free and any one can join. But here one important point we have to note. Amazon Associate Central is country specific. Suppose you are planning to sell products to Indian Customers only, then you have sign in into Amazon Associate Central India. After singin, dont forget to update your website, blog or youtube channel link in the account section.

And then, you are ready to generate affiliate link and sell products on various platforms.

Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate

Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate is best compared to other affiliate programs in the market. Check below image. It is for reference purpose. Visit Amazon Affiliate Site and do verify of commission rate on various types of products.

Make Money Online Amazon Affiliate Program Commission Rate 2019
Amazon Affiliate Program India 2019 Commission Rate

Make Money online with Amazon Affiliate Program

Once you are successfully signed into Amazon Associate Central for the Amazon Affiliate Program, then you are ready to make money online with Amazon Affiliate Program in 2019. The process is simple. 

Just generate affiliate link of your desired product and share the link in youtube, blog, website or social networking platforms. 

Suppose you successfully sold 10 laptops in previous month and in general the commission rate on laptop is 10 to 15% then calculate how much money you made!!

Indeed Amazon Affiliate Program is a best source for handsome income each month but it all depends how smartly you pull right buyers to the affiliate links. 

Warning Before Deciding to Join Amazon Affiliate Program:

There are some facts remains in the field of affilaite program which you may encounter sooner or later. It is not limited to Amazon Affiliate program but these facts are associated with any Affiliate program. 

1. No Organic Traffic

It is hard to believe. Search engines are not at all in support affiliate marketing websites. According to search Engines they believe affiliate marketing websites do not provide any extra information to the website visitors. Thats why affiliate marketing website do not show up in search results. 

Where as there are smart website owners exist who knows how to cleverly use affiliate links in the website. Search engines identify a website from the affiliate links that are available in the website. So smart website owners, they use indirect redirecting method. And that is, they place simple tag in the webpage and upon clicking the tag with the help of javascript they redirect to the sellers page. If you visit popular affiliate marketing websites, you would notice, they are not using affiliate links. Rather they are placing tags and encourages user to click on it. Once user click on it, then the user is redirected to the website of the seller. This way, they hide it from search engines. 

2. Hackers inject cookies

The problem part most of the website owners are not from programming background. So they are not at all aware cyber security threats. They simply use plugins with out even examining the authenticities of the plugins. There can be chance some plugins fail to sanitize the provided information. Such websites are vulberable to hackers to inject scripts. So hackers can inject and place their affiliate link in the place of yours.

The only solution is to escape scripts. And if we are opening the link in new tab then we must use rel="noopener" attribute. It would stop from injecting scripts by hackers.

3. People avoid such links

Today people are aware of everything what is happening around. Few website visitors are there who visit affiliate marketing sites to find out the lowest price and after that dont click on the affiliate link because such people fear the website owner may get commission. So rather they visit company site and purchase. 

Because of this you could see there are heavy visitors but less conversion. 

4. Competitors snatch away your business

Undoubtely, there are two sources to get traffic to a affiliate marketing sites. One is organic search and second one is social search. But today there is heavy competition going on. The moment you start paid campaign on social sites, you would notice, your competitors are too campaigning for same goal. And gradually you would explore that those people are actually snatching away your business which supposed to be a possible conversion for your campaign. And similarly the moment your webpage links appeared in the organis search results, your competitors links too going to appear in the search results.  

5. Country specific

Affiliate marketing programs are not globally available. Most of the programs are country specific. For example, Amazon India and Amazon US both are different market. If you are affiliate marketing agent of Amazon US and your website visitors ended up purchasing product from Amazon India Market then there is no commission. Certain affiliate programs are strictly small area specific. Before running any campaign, be clear about the allowed region to help to sale the products. 

6. Plugins dont work

Most of the affiliate programs have launched plugins for wordpress website. Certain plugins are not working properly. The problem part is when you run the wordpress website, the plugin appears working smooth but when you access the same website from another system or location, then the plugin appears as if not working right. So be triple sure to use such plugins. 

7. Company deny commission

In some cases, your record says you have sold 10 products in previous month but company record says you have sold 6 products only. This is happening with certain affiliate program providers. In such scenario there is no more scope to do any thing as it is purely system operated workflow. 

8. Commission rate changes

This is one of the biggest bitter truth which no one speaks openly. Commission rates are not fixed. They change frequently. People identify which product is offering highest commission, then launched the program accordingly but the moment sales take place, the commission rate is reduced down to almost one fourth of its initial commission value. This happens. So keep in mind, commission rates change frequently. 

9. Zero commission products

There is high commission rate on certain products and there is low commission rate on certain products. These commission rate vary. But there is also products which has 0 commission rate. No matter how the product is in demand in the market, if the commission rate is set 0 then no commission will be paid after sales. 

10. Ban on social platforms

Earlier search engines and later social platforms became enemy of affiliate marketing. They too are not allowing social links to be shared on their platform. So if some one posts frequently on social platforms then their account even gets suspended. 

So these are the ten worst realities of affiliate marketing which no one talks openly. If you are planning to try affiliate marketing then keep these realities in mind. 

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