Monday, April 8, 2019

How to publish book in 2019 with zero investment and earn high income?

Today I am going to guide you to publish your book at zero price and earn high revenue.

How to publish book in 2019 zero investment

One decade back, publishing a book was different game. People used to spend years and years to prepare the manuscript. (Manuscript: Hand written or typed or written in computer  using text editor document). And they used to approach the publication houses.

Why Publication houses?

Because they have their own publishing equipments. They have their own agents in all major cities. So they can easily sell in the market. They have name in the market so people used to purchase these publication houses books. In return publication houses used to share a small amount for each sale with the author.

Today the scenario is different. People still prefer to publish through publishing houses. One of the complex process is resubmissions no matter how well the draft is prepared. But in following approach there is no such thing.

1. Sell your books through online

With content management software such as wordpress, it is super easy to run a website with out having any prior knowledge of programming. And there are plenty free plugins. So using free plugin such as woocommerce, we can recieve payments direct from buyer into our account. There is no mediator here. You are selling your books to the buyer directly. You can sell pdf documents. Otherwise you can also print your book and courier it once you receive the payment.

Cons: Opening a website, setting up to sell books and receive payment is super easy. But the toughest part is to pull visitors to the website. For this one must have to master SEO. SEO can help to gain traffic to your website which in return help in sales.

2. Amazon KDP

Amazon is providing great opportunity to sell books. All you need to do is submit manuscript and set a price which you want.

Upon sales, revenue will be shared.

To Know more visit: Amazon KDP

Amazon is offering two types of profit sharing.

1. 35% profit sharing
2. 70% profit sharing

In 35% profit sharing, the author of the book is going to receive 35% of the book price. In return amazon helps to increase the sale. In this type of profit style, one can set price $0.99 to $200 USD.

In other 70% profit sharing, author receives 70% of the set price. Author can set, the price of book $2.99 to $9.99 USD only.

It is upto author which profit option author wants to set.

3. Sell through Instamojo

Instamojo is providing free online store setup from there you can directly sell your books. Here also, you have to do marketing part. Share links on facebook, twitter. Write blog about these products. Etc.

To know more visit:

Instamojo is popular payment gateway. It provides option to upload product in their store.

So these are the popular ways to publish and sell books with zero investment.

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