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How to start a youtube channel and earn handsome Income for absolute beginners in 2019

One question that comes to mind how to start a youtube channel and earn money! If you have landed in this page, it is obvious you are well aware youtube is the platform that can help to earn seven digit Income each month. I dont have to mention people are even earning more.

In one of the previous article, how do people make money from youtube in 2019, I have clearly discussed all the solutions that are available with youtube to make money online. Today, we will be focusing on how to start youtube channel and I assume you are absolute beginner.

how to start a youtube channel

Before proceeding further...

Why should you read this post?

Because if you start with out any prior knowledge, then 99% chance you would end with less traffic and very very less income. This post article on how to start a youtube channel in 2019, not only your time and effort is going to be shaved but also, you are going to learn the right strategy.

Okay, why strategy matters! Long back, in 2011, 2012, I had couple of videos, randomly shot. With out any preplan, I edited them and uploaded on youtube just for fun. Keep in mind, at that time, I was not at all aware, money could be earned from youtube. With in weeks, I got ten thousand views (more) (And yes those days views were the first thing, that search engine and visitors used to notice first, Any ways...) and few weeks later came to know that I had 12 dollar earnings.

That time was different. But today, the scenario is totally different. If you assume, just by uploading a video, you would get views, then you are absolutely wrong. Today there is no lack of content. So before even planning to start a youtube channel, keep following points clear in your mind.

1. Niche

What is niche? Topic. Decide a topic in which you want to make videos. It could be video vlog about the places you visit. Or it could be a tutorial on algebra or it could be about how to take care skin or even it could be about how to clean and arrange a cupboard.

The keypoint here is to focus on one topic rather than multiple topics. Because, users prefer to subscribe and follow a youtube channel which provides video on one topic. Search Engines also like such youtube channels. This will help your video to appear in suggested video list to youtube visitors.

2. Research on Niche

Wait. You have decided a niche but are you sure, you have plenty of audience out there. Yes my friend, this point, no one mentions. We assume, okay, I have plenty good content and people going to watch my video. But at the end, we in general land in less views despite of world class content. And this is happening because of lack of audience for the content.

For Example: Few months back, I made tutorials on Blender Software. And guess what, I ended up with 100 views in six months. Keep in mind, I have uploaded more than 100 videos. Still I was struggling. At last, I figured out why it is happening. And the reason was, there were less searches for this topic. The search was less than 2 lakhs per month. There were 20 lakhs even more webpage and youtube videos were available.

Okay, the point here is, we must focus on niche which has plenty searches. How would we know which niche subject has plenty searches.

I am suggesting you the most simplest solution. Just open youtube, and search your desired niche. For example, I am planning to make youtube channel on affilate marketing. Affiliate marketing is vast subject. Thousands of companies are offering affiliate program. So at first glance it appears, it might be beneficial niche for my youtube channel. Now its time to check whether it has sufficient searches or not. So I opened youtube and searched for affiliate marketing.

how to start youtube channel

In the image, you could see, most of the videos has more than 100k views. Which means the targeted niche has good amount of searches.

Apart from this you could also use tools that are available which tells how many searches are there for a particular keyword. One of such free tool is Google Keyword Planner tool. (Google Keyword Planner tool is a free tool from Google, which tells how many monthly searches are there for a keyword)

3. Preplan Project

Okay, you have decided a niche. Now its time to break it down in terms of episodes or chapters. Suppose you want to make vlog on Tourist spots of a city. So dont just land at the spot, shoot and upload. Do research. Read enough. Watch similar videos. Watch those who have tremendous views, how they are delivering the content. And also watch those videos that has same topic as yours but has less views and how they delivering the content.

4. Focus on Quality Content

Get A Good Camera. By saying good camera I do not mean expensive one. I mean get that camera which has high definition picture record functionality but consumes less memory. There mobile phones which has high definition camera but they consume large memory. So after edit, you land with large amount video file. (1GB file). Then it will buffer a lot. So memory size of video file also matters. Imagine, one of the youtube video visitor has 1GB Internet limit in his mobile phone, then why would he watch your video. At the completion of fifty percent of your video, the user will be notified by the network company. So use a camera which has good compression feature.

And also visually your content should appear rich and audio should not have any noise.

4. Video tags

This is the biggest challenge. You have to find out good video tags. What are video tags?

Keywords. Search Engines can not read video file. So how they are going to understand a video? Thats why we provide video tags. We can not use any video tag. Because, these days, search engines are giving priority to user's behaviour. If a user lands in your video and dont find the desired content he was looking for then he would immediate move to another video. If hundred visitors did this, then your video will lose authority.

Where can we find keywords or video tags?

One place is Google Keyword planner. Another one is, type in the search box of youtube, it suggests keyword. So from there also we could easily understand what people are searching for on youtube.

5. Upload strategy

If you have 100 videos ready to upload. Then dont upload in one single day. Rather upload each day one video. Because search engine algorithm notices, number of videos available on youtube channel, number of likes, number of comments and number of sharings. So if you upload in one day, then for a long time, search engine is going to understand your video channel is not performing well. So upload each day. Few upload twice or thrice a week.

6. Dont share

One bad habit, we have, once we upload, we immediate share it on various platform. This is not Good. Wait, till your video gets nice views then share on whatsapp and facebook and twitter. Dont forget to make facebook page and twitter account for your youtube channel. Upload there too.

How to earn handsome income from youtube?

I have already discussed about it. From youtube we can get income by showing ads in the videos. Adsense provides ads for youtube videos. Today, the minimum eligible criteria to monetize youtube video is to have atleast 1000 subscriber in past 12 months and must have 4000 watch hours.

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