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12 Super Simple tricks that can increase views and subscribers on your youtube channel

Struggling for views and subscribers on your youtube channel! This article may help you in gaining views and subscribers.

I dont have to mention, today, youtube has become one of the strong platform which can easily provide a 6 digit monthly income. The biggest market for aspiring youtubers are Indian Market. Thats why most of the youtubers are discussing topics related to India, so that they can get Indian traffic.

The entire business of online platform strictly dependent upon traffic. Unfortunately lots of aspiring youtubers are not aware of these reality. So this article is going to help you to know what should you do before publishing your video to your youtube channel.

12 simple tricks to increase youtube views subscribers

Why preparation is important?

Because of competition. Today no matter which topic you have planned to discuss in the video, there is hundreds, thousands of videos already there. If you simply post it, then you would land up in less or zero traffic to your uploaded video. So preparation is important.

12 Super Simple tricks that can increase views and subscribers

Following simple tricks can help to gain more views and subscribers. 

1. Be ready with attention grabber title

Title is the first thing, every youtube watcher notices first and then checks the video. No matter some one has no interest in the topic of the video but most of the time, attractive title pulls new visitors attention. In general, we provide a title that is related to video. But what if we add meaning to the title that the visitor is going to explore in the video. 

For Example: Make Money Online 2019
The above title is simple one. But what if we add some meaning to it. 

"10 super easy way to make money online from home with out investment"

There is hell and heaven difference in both the title. Second title provides a meaning to the visitor why he must watch the video. 

So think why would any one is going to watch video. Focus on that part and rest thing would be easy. 

2. Detailed Description

Description also plays vital information. You must be thinking, how many people read description before watching a video or after watching a video. It is true. There are very few people who checks the video description until unless explicitly there is not mentioned in the video to check the description. But you are forgetting one thing. 

Youtubes bot checks description. Earlier, two years or more back, description was not playing any role in terms helping video content to discover in the search results of the youtube. But past update of search engine algorithm, it is playing vital role. 

If you notice, in the new creator studio setup, there is clear mention description length is 5000. It can contain 5000 character. But we end up 500 or 1000 words. There is a reason, why it is showing 5000 maximum character length. 

So rework on published videos and add detailed information in the description section of each youtube video. 

And also provide detailed information in your future videos. 

3. Wisely collected tags

Tags are the keywords from which youtube search engine understands what kind of video it is. Tags are not helpful to appear a video in the youtube search results for certain keyword but also youtube algorithm going to suggest your youtube video depending upon the listed tags. 

Okay, from where do you get tags?

Just type few words, in youtube search box and it suggests frequently search keywords. So you can easily find keywords from there. But remember dont use more than 10 keywords in each video. 

4. Thumbnail

Apart from title, thumbnail is the another vital thing which visitor or viewer notices and watch youtube video. Few years back, there used to very very attractive thumbnail irrespective of the content that video has. It used to pull heavy traffic but user disappointed after discovering the content is meaningless. So now doing such thing is against youtube community. So dont use thumbnail which is going to disappoint the visitor. 

Thumbnail width: 1280 and height 720

Focus on the topic and its respective viewer. 

5. Set video language

Inside advanced settings there is option to set the language of the video. This would help youtube reach out its respective viewer. We make video in a regional language but did not set the video language. By this, youtube algorithm going to show the video to English Speaking people (Yes, Search engine has list of people and what language they speak, write and read). Such people after discovering the video language is not English, they immediate visit to another video. And this would hit search engines the video has less quality. Therefore gradually it may result in less view. 

So even if your video content language is English, then set it in the advanced section. 

6. Set Category

Inside the advanced settings, there is option to set the category of the video. Dont judge by setting this category my video is going to get traffic. Focus on content and set category accordingly. By setting category it helps search engine to suggest people on youtube who are interested in similar category videos. So set category according to your video. 

7. Allow Embedding

In advanced setting there is option allow or disallow embedding settings. In general, by default allow embedding is turned on. This feature allows others (any one in this world), to embed your video into their webpage. 

You might be thinking, why do youtube is allowing such sharing! First of all, if some one embeds your video into their webpage, then you are not going to have any loss. If a user watches your video in some one else's webpage then still your video gets watch time and view count. If your video is monetized then ads are going to appear in the video, you are going to get commission for the ads appearing in your video which is embedded in some one else's website. 

So if that guy who shared your youtube video in his webpage, not getting profit then why would he or she is sharing. For traffic. If he gets traffic then your video gets views. 

With out properly investigating most youtubers turn off this embed feature. Which you should not do. 

8.  Respond to some of the comments

Earlier youtube used to count views on youtube videos but these days, it notices the watch time on videos. Apart from watch time, how many people shared the video, how many people liked the video, how many people commented in the video also matters. Because some unknown people comment rudely, youtubes disable comments. But youtube is providing option to block such users. So dont disable comments. And also it matters how well you are interacting to the comments. If you notice, then you would find, most of the popular youtubers respond to the initial 50 or 100 comments. 

Interaction with comments can also help to grow. 

9. Do research on the targeted topic

Another important part is, Youtube is different today, as it used to be in earlier days. In 2014 I had started youtubing. Those days, just by publishing videos, I used to get 100 to 1000 views per day. But today,  I have to struggle. Because of large availability of content. So this also implies, the taste of youtube visitors has changed. 

For example, Blender is a 3d modeling software. If you check on search engines, then you would wonder, there are less than 10000 traffic for this keyword. Another solution just check on youtube blender 3d software and you would find, there are plenty video available but most of them have not crossed even 10000 views or 20000 views. 

Where as, if you check "whatsapp settings" app, then you would find, most of the videos has 10 lakh 20 lakh views. 

The point here, before making video, you must have to do research, how many searches are there each month, how well the topic is trending and how many views already there on such topic. 

If such topic videos has only 10 to 1000 views on most of the videos, then if you make video on such topic then you would never get views or subscribers. 

One of such topic is Search Engine Optimization. Just check, videos on this topic are not getting traffic more than 10000 views in a year. 

10. Quality Content

Today quality matters first. How visually your content is rich? How good quality audio your video has? Matters first. If you see the videos which get tremendous traffic are not poor in terms of video and audio. Apart from rich visual content, meaningful and engaging content matters.

See the secret here is, your videos getting tremendous traffic then that wont help you to grow. But if your videos getting tremendous traffic and that traffic is engaging with other videos available in the youtube channel, then such youtube channel is going to grow fast. 

It is similar to people visiting certain shops in a shopping mall but are not visiting other shops. So such shopping mall would never grow or do good business. But there is another shopping mall, where people visit certain shops but also explores other shops. Such shopping mall is definitely going to do good business. 

11. Provide, you have promised

Now, a visitor arrived on your video based upon title or thumbnail he has watched first. Now its time to deliver that you have made promised. If user gets what ever he was expecting then he is going to spend more time. Otherwise there is no lack of videos he or she would move to another video. So the point here is do proper research and spend more time on content and set title and thumbnail accordingly. Never disappoint audience. 

12. Notify about your upcoming videos

Another easiest way to keep your audience bank in hand is to keep on notifying what kind of content they are expecting next. One best solution is, youtube provides community tab to stay engaged with audience. Alternatively, make a facebook page, and twitter account and notify them about upcoming videos.

Apart from these simple tricks, sharing on social platform is good option to pull traffic to youtube videos. Publishing videos to own website can also add viewers and subscribers to youtube channel. Optionally publishing application for youtube channel can also increase traffic to youtube videos. 

Remember, now the algorithm of youtube engine is different. So you have to work smart. Competition is high and is getting higher. 

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