Monday, April 8, 2019

Ten simple Solutions to Lose Weight with in Months 2019

Over Weight has been a challenging issue in front of man to deal with. In this article we are going to discuss ten simple solutions to lose weight in months. 

Ten Simple Solutions to lose weight

1. Drink water 

No we are not talking here about drinking water sufficiently. But we are talking here to drink plenty water. If you drink four bottles of water per day. Then drink eight bottles of water. Dont drink at one time. But drink frequently. Drink at the gap of half an hour or fifteen minutes. 

2. Eat keeping self hungry

In various books, it is clearly mentioned, dont eat food filling stomach completely. Eat food in such a way that, you remain hungry. So the point here is eat less but increase routine. If you used to eat thrice a day. Then eat eight times a day and reduce down the food to one fourth in each meal. 

3. Walk after each meal

Walk after each meal. In general after meal, we either sit and work or sleep. This is totally bad habit. Walk atleast 15 minutes after meal. 

4. Fast walk dont run

To lose wait people run in playground or in zym. But the efficient way is to fast walk. Dont run at all. Imagine, you have important flight to catch at 10. And its already 9:55. And you are at a distance of 15 minutes walk and you are not getting taxi. In such scenario, how would you walk? Similar fashion, walk fast as if you have to catch a flight and you are not getting traffic. 

5. Stay happy

Accept the reality. Dont dishonour your body for being over weight. Accept the reality. And praise your brain. It is very essential. Sad brain wont take you any where. Always praise no matter how bad things are going. Brain has super powers. And it will help you only if you respect brain and keep it away from stress. 

6. Avoid Sugar

Sugar is one of the root reason behind over weight. So strictly no to sugar

7. Take vitamin capsules

When we differ from general routine food meal, we end up in lacking vitamins in our body. Vitamin deficiency may invite to new health related issues. So I consult a doctor and take appropriate vitamin capsules. 

8. Try yoga

Yoga is not some kind of magic. It is purely exercise. It helps to reduce down stress. There are plenty platform available where yoga trainings are available. Try them. 

9. Maintain discipline

Discipline is important in any situation to get better result. Sleep early and wake up early. Dont miss the sun rise. Befriend with new people. Be nice to everyone. Even if some one is sad around you. Make them laugh. A positive energy pulls positive energy. 

10. Be religious

There is religion for a reason. I am not suggesting to which religion you should follow. But I am seriously suggesting you to be religious human being. Follow your rituals. It would help to gain more positive energy.

If you are having serious health issues, then before following above guidelines consult a doctor. 

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