Thursday, April 11, 2019

Wawa Foundation is expected to distribute more than 2 million coffee for free on Wawa Day Celebration 2019

Are you living near by Wawa ! Then today you are double lucky. Todays is Anniversary. The store has been around for 55 years. Wawa is celebrating by giving back to its customers. Wawa is offering free coffee of any size. Wait, the good part, they have 800 locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida. According to the sources, wawa are expecting to distribute more than 2 million free cups of coffee.
wawa free coffee april 11 2019
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Additionally, one Wawa location in each state will also be holding a special celebration to honor the Wawa Foundation on its five-year anniversary. April 16, 1964 in Folsom, Pennsylvania. It was founded by Grahame Wood, who owned a dairy farm business in Wawa, Pennsylvania, which is where the name for the convenience store stemmed from.


Free Cofee On the Occasion of Anniversary of Wawa Foundation

Free Coffee Wawa Store
Wawa Store
How you are going to get One Free Cup of Coffee from Wawa Store?

Just stop by wawa store. Order a coffee and thats it.

By the way, Wawa is the native American Term For Canadian Goose. Thats why there is a goose on its logo.

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